Get to Know GEN: Gerald Kierce

Hi there. My name is Gerald Kierce and I volunteer for the Development/Marketing team at Generation Enterprise.

Where do I come from? My story is diverse, just like many of you. I was born in Miami, Florida, and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I went to college in Dayton, Ohio, and now I live and work in the Washington, D.C. area. I was involved in community service throughout high school/college and I’ve always wanted to continue doing so.

Gerald - Barcelona, SpainI have been involved in clubs and organizations that rebuilt houses in impoverished neighborhoods; helped families in rural areas with agricultural assistance; and upgraded community centers to promote education. Although these types of service activities are highly needed and appreciated, I wanted to tackle the issue of poverty at its source.

My passion and interest in community service is only half of the reason I joined GEN.

The other reason why I decided to join GEN is because I feel passionate about our mission of empowering youth to become agents of economic development in slums around the world. I enjoy following thought leaders that are rethinking how to approach poverty. People like Jacqueline Novogratz, Nick Kristof and Hans Rosling, among others, have taught me that poverty alleviation shouldn’t rely on pity, but rather on opportunity. At GEN, we are partnering with at-risk youth to create jobs for themselves and for others and, therefore, become leaders in their communities.

To summarize, the whole reason why I feel very passionate about GEN is because we are, in my opinion, readdressing poverty by prioritizing economic opportunity as an engine for community revitalization. I’m excited to see the entrepreneurs in Delhi and Lagos reach their full potential and continue growing their businesses to employ more youth. I’m excited for GEN’s future and what that implies in the communities we serve. I’m excited to be a part of such an amazing team of young dreamers that have both the skills and desire to overcome adversity. I’m excited to continue to see entrepreneurs transforming not only their communities, but also the global economy.

I’m excited for what’s ahead. Are you?


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