Why I Love my Job at Generation Enterprise

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Odufejo, I’m a 5.6 foot, 100% extrovert, passionate Liverpool FC supporter and proudly Nigerian. Here is a short narrative about my exciting work-life at GEN. As far as work is concerned, I’ve got just one simple rule – “do what you love, love what you do, everything else is but mere shadows.” That really does help sum up my experience with GEN. I’ve always been an advocate for self-development and small scale business start-ups for young people; GEN simply makes me feel like a round peg in a round hole.

Emmanuel with GEN Fellows

Emmanuel with GEN Fellows

It’s been barely a year since I joined GEN, but it’s been one totally enlightening, engaging, and challenging year. Thanks to Bunmi Otegbade, it’s been pretty easy settling down, knowing what to do and how to do it the GEN way. Nevertheless, it’s been a very challenging learning curve for me, so much to learn, so much to do; pre/post press releases for various events; phone calls to make and receive; letters to send out; mails to attend to; an ever increasing number of fellows to train; invest in and manage; business reports to keep updated; and many road trips across our several training hubs (with Bunmi as the official GEN driver playing my favourite song “rubber band” and “let meeeee entertain you” Bunmi – can you please get new tapes? Thanks!) etc.

I must confess it’s been a humbling privilege working at GEN, the many tasks I’ve had to handle, the huge experience I’ve acquired on the job, plus the everyday practical life-changing effect our job has on the fellows who benefit directly from our rich trainings and heavy investments both in mentorship and financials. I just always feel blessed, lucky and proud working at GEN.

Looking back at these past months, I realize what makes GEN tick has to be the people, the high expertise and extreme professionalism they bring to the table. I have made some critical mistakes (and I really did make some crazy mistakes like sending the wrong mails to the wrong persons, forgetting to bring our banners to events, plus a few tasks left undone) but it really cou could have been worse if I didn’t have people like Bunmi Otegbade who would always scream “details, details, details”. “When will this happen? How much did this cost? Have you called this person? Have you sent that mail? Did you give that person a proper context of what is happening? What’s the plan for next week?” All good insight.

And then the icing on the cake was when, after months of hiding behind emails and phone calls, I finally got to meet the foreign GEN team comprised of Clara, Alie, Gerald & Jojo. You feel a lot more relaxed and motivated when working with friends – and that’s who they have become. Many thanks to Clara Chow: I think you doing an awesome job putting this all together, plus congratulations on your wedding! Thanks to Professor Jojo for the spreadsheet trainings (sorry I haven’t been practising 18 times daily, I manage twice before my brain shuts down to sleep). Thanks to Itunu Adekitan, your passion and experience at the Alimosho centre have been indeed helpful both at our Ilesha and Lagos centres. “For crying out loud”, she single-handedly drilled our Ilesha fellows at perfecting their pitches.


Emmanuel Odufejo.

Emmanuel Odufejo

Emmanuel Odufejo

Emmy is a full-time Business Development Officer at Generation Enterprise. He is responsible for GEN’s entrepreneurship trainings and database management in Nigeria. Emmy is the Author of the Nigerian Bestseller “Dare To Stand Out – for young entrepreneurs.” He is a passionate educationist with a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Planning from the University Of Lagos, Nigeria. He is also the founder of Master Mindz Afrika, a non-profit solely dedicated to entrepreneurship and educational development.

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